Bloodhound SSC concept was the most impressive car at the Auto Zurich carshow

12/10/2015 13:58:39
Bloodhound SSC concept was the most impressive car at the Auto Zurich carshow
Bloodhound SSC concept, measuring 45 ft (14 m) long and some 13 ft (4 m) tall, was the most impressive car at the Auto Zurich carshow.

The “Auto Zurich” carshow is organised every year in November. Among this year's premieres shown to the Swiss public at this show were the Bentley Bentayga and the Ferrari 488 Spider

Zurich Auto Show

A speciality of the Zürich carshow is the racing and tuning section where about 30 cars are shown. Luxury Customs is always bringing their top models, this year a LaFerrari on ADV1 wheel next to a Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta. The Hamann Lamborghini Aventador by DS Automobile Autowerke was also present at the event. 

Concept car

The most impressive “car” was the Bloodhound SSC concept car which is a land speed record car and shall break the speed of sound barrier in 2016 – 1000mph is the challenging target speed. It measures 45 ft (14 m) long and cuts a dashing figure with a fin that stands some 13 ft (4 m) tall. Looking at the exposed parts of Bloodhound SSC reveals the intricate carbon fiber, steel and alloy chassis that holds the car together, and is the product of the team of Formula 1 and aerospace experts. 

Bloodhound SSC



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