Morgan Aero GT: The retro-modern sports car

04/04/2018 23:19:28
 Morgan Aero GT: The retro-modern sports car
The limited run Morgan Aero GT is celebrating the start of its production. The retro-modern sports car will have up-to-date build quality and fit and finish

The limited run Morgan Aero GT is celebrating the start of its production. After the debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, we’ve found out that this vehicle will keep up with the old-school styling.



Even though the new Morgan is a retro-modern sports car, it’ll have up-to-date build quality and fit and finish. The chassis is also pretty modern, with adjustable suspension and stuff. But it comes with a manual gearbox and the interior is also appropriately retro. It is hand-finished and comes with a series of painted stitching and pinstripe accents, and an extended choice of wood options. Despite the iconic looks though, the Miami Blue paint job on this particular example – which is the first one produced – does kind of make the GT more modern that its designers intended for it to look.



The V8 engine powering the Morgan Aero GT is a 367bhp BMW N62 which takes this lightweight car from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 4.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 170 mph. It has got to be plenty of fun going that kind of speeds in this wide and low and open top car. They claim Morgan Aero GT also has one of the best cars they’ve ever made aerodynamic-wise, and they have the downforce to prove it. Thankfully though, the aero improvement has not compromised the delightfully 1950s design of the car. The Aero GT marks the end of production for the Aero 8 model, and as such it is limited to only 8 units.


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